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At a time when emergency care is increasingly viewed as inconvenient, overcrowded and overpriced, and possibly losing ground to urgent care clinics, some health systems are trying to make their ERs a place where people actually want to go and spend their time and money. more
Medicare announced Friday that it was revising rules intended to prevent the agency from paying twice for the same prescriptions for seniors... more
Catholic Health Initiatives, one of the nation's largest health systems, is keeping its eye on the future by launching a new health brand that... more
Our weekly look at career moves in the healthcare finance sector. This issue highlights promotions, hires and fires for the week ending July 18, 2014. more
Hospitals participating in Independence Blue Cross' accountable care contracts are reducing costs, improving care and earning incentives,... more
Hospitals face the decision of leasing or buying equipment on a regular basis. Ultimately, whether to lease or buy comes down to a hospital's... more
If we can identify the "underlying path" of health spending, we can do a better job of predicting the future from a noisy history. This... more
Union Village, an integrated health community where seniors can both live and receive healthcare services may be the future of healthcare. more
Financial models involve a whole series of assumptions about such elements as volume, payer mix and salaries. While a health system may have... more
If we don't fundamentally change the way we pay for healthcare, we won't change the economic principles that continue to drive the rapid... more
For many larger healthcare organizations, group purchasing has yielded significant savings. Physician practices are also mulling whether or not they... more
Cancer treatment costs are among the highest in the healthcare industry. Insurer UnitedHealthcare created a pilot in an attempt to lower costs that... more
Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies are making progress in its transition from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement models. more
Our weekly look at career moves in the healthcare finance sector. This issue highlights promotions, hires and fires for the week ending July 11, 2014. more
Hospices can now lose Medicare payments if they don’t file cost reports, and yet, because there are no penalties for inaccurate reporting, there is... more
The Affordable Care Act included a number of delivery system reforms, such as ACOs, bundled payments, and workforce provisions to strengthen... more
Medicare regulators are updating hospital outpatient and ambulatory surgery center payments for next year, and also outlining a potential remedy to... more
Through its Medicare Care Choices Model, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is offering extra money to cover care management services,... more
A new study says there's no need to worry about hospitals using their new electronic medical records to generate bigger bills and boost their... more
The growth of total U.S. medical costs is slowing down, but one segment is expanding fast: prescription drug costs. more
Many leaders may find it tempting to try to do it all, but an important part of being an effective healthcare leader is to learn how to successfully... more
If your modus operandi is to appeal all denied claims, you may want to reconsider because some claims are not worth it. more
To boost patient satisfaction scores and compete with urgent care centers and walk-in clinics, hospitals are allowing patients to book appointments... more
Author John Hiat talked to Healthcare Finance News about how his "idea guide" can be used to help healthcare CFOs and controllers solve day... more
The start of summer has brought positive news to the nation's employment scene. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday job gains... more
There are aspects of technology that you, as a CFO, need to worry about -- but becoming unnecessarily absorbed in technical details might make you... more
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services issued a proposed rule Tuesday that would reduce Medicare payments to home health agencies by $58... more
As new physicians and practice groups join your organization, a thoughtful, standardized approach can make onboarding and orientation go more quickly... more
A patient-centered medical home program with a physician-owned, multispecialty group has been so promising that Aetna is extending the arrangement. more
When a car rolls off an assembly line, the automaker knows exactly what parts, labor and facilities cost. Not so in healthcare, and now some health... more
After more than a year of dispute over continuing a contract, insurer and new health system owner Highmark and the University of Pittsburgh Medical... more
Experts say that cash-only practices are a workable business model when done the right way, but it may be disruptive to others in the market. more
With the average cost of a new hospital ranging from $1.5 million to $2 million per bed, it is increasingly important to executive leadership to... more
In an effort to survive and thrive in the transition to value-based payment models, New Jersey's Hackensack University Medical Center launched... more
Physician engagement results in better patient care, more accurate reimbursement and more. Here are some tips for engaging with your physicians. more
Our weekly look at career moves in the healthcare finance sector. This issue highlights promotions, hires and fires for the week ending June 27, 2014. more
Purchased services can drain a lot of money and time from an organization because it is so diverse, but a value analysis approach can clean up the... more
While the United States pays the most for healthcare among all other developed nations, it also ranks last when it comes to the quality of care... more
Ambulatory surgery centers have new evidence to back up arguments for its relative cost-effectiveness. more
Health costs will accelerate next year, but changes in how people buy care will help keep them from attaining the speed of several years ago,... more
Many small, rural hospitals have struggled financially in recent years. But one critical access facility in Nebraska has discovered a means to... more
A new call to action provides a blueprint for shoring up the primary care physician workforce by helping medical students see the benefits of... more
A quarter of the nation's hospitals in October will receive lower Medicare payments because their rates of patient complications are higher than... more
Many questions remain on how specific details of the Affordable Care Act will be resolved, but one significant trend is clear: the shift toward risk... more
At the core of fixing the broken healthcare delivery system is finance people working with clinicians, and the language to span the differences is... more
Healthcare finance professionals must better understand how value is delivered by frontline providers, and simultaneously offer providers business... more
Communicating effectively with patients about their financial responsibility means hospitals and health systems get paid. Here are some best... more
Health system acquisitions and affiliations are being driven more by strategy than by financial need, according to survey research released Sunday at... more
A quarter of the nation's hospitals, those with the worst rates of hospital-acquired conditions, will lose 1 percent of every Medicare payment... more
Healthcare Finance News talked to leadership expert and author Liz Wiseman in advance of her keynote at this year's HFMA ANI conference. more
Our weekly look at career moves in the healthcare finance sector. This issue highlights promotions, hires and fires for the week ending June 20, 2014. more

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