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Like healthcare facilities across the country, Louisiana's hospitals must confront formidable financial challenges as care delivery models evolve and reimbursement mechanisms change. more
The Texas hospital that wrongfully discharged now deceased Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is already experiencing financial repercussions from the... more
At the behest of affected patients and providers, Intermountain Healthcare decided to build what it calls a Personalized Care Clinic, an initiative... more
Two major healthcare organizations in eastern Massachusetts are joining to build a new health system, creating what they term a "unique model... more
The hospital merger wave may have slowed down a bit, but for health systems facing financial challenges and looking to evolve clinically, it’s still... more
Flexing its anti-kickback muscles, the federal government is clamping down hard on some profit-focused patient referral and healthcare joint venture... more
Commercial insurers inaccurately process about 20 percent of claims filed by medical practices. It's an industry standard that has weathered the... more
When assessing CFO candidates, hospitals today are seeking "true financial leaders" who can be strategic partners to the CEO. A CFO leader... more
The offical transition to the ICD-10 coding set takes place next October (or so we hope). Many providers have already spent a good deal of money... more
A new leader is taking the helm of the nation's oldest hospital, in a health system trying to bring emerging therapies and adapt new payment... more
Medical Properties Trust has signed a deal to acquire and lease back substantially all of the real estate assets of privately-held MEDIAN Kliniken... more
The powerful California Nurses Association has put Ebola on the bargaining table in its negotiations for a new contract with Kaiser Permanente. The... more
Significant inpatient pricing variation between hospitals in the state of Washington is "putting some consumers at financial risk,"... more
Last week the HHS Office of Inspector General and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services published a joint notice continuing the... more
Operating costs, ICD-10, keeping pace with new technologies, and surviving in a world of changing payment models -- those are just some of the... more
Variations on traditional group health insurance via insurer-administered self-funding remain the norm for many large employers. But some health... more
Rising interest rates and regulatory oversight will be the top challenges confronting the senior care industry over the next year, according to a new... more
This week CMS launched an ACO Investment Model, which will provide up to $114 million in upfront investments, to up to 75 Medicare Shared Savings... more
Physician practices have the lowest revenue growth in the healthcare industry. When every dollar counts, anything from a lost referral to a bad... more
While reducing reliance on expensive inpatient care is a sensible goal for hospitals, the transition away from a bricks-and-mortar, fee-for-service... more
Health systems as well as independent providers have an opportunity to drive best practices in specialty care and secure sustainable revenue with a... more
The Cleveland Clinic and University of Texas Health are using the nation's first mobile stroke units to treat stroke patients sooner, and both... more
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recent 10-year projection of national health expenditures includes retail spending on prescription... more
Some health systems see value in becoming part of branded health plan networks for limited provider plans, as other providers try to launch their... more
With an improving fiscal climate, some states are paying their Medicaid providers more. More states are increasing fees to specialists, nursing homes... more
The medical tourism industry must respond to the problems found in surrogacy tourism. The first is the need for medical tourism companies, brokers,... more
Beginning in the 1970s, the conversion of nonprofit healthcare organizations to for-profit status created many new foundations. Soon, in the wake of... more
As healthcare's trade winds blow towards more consolidation, some nonprofit health systems are taking a new business turn, while trying to... more
For those in the medical tourism industry, the issue of "surrogacy tourism" or commercial surrogacy is not an issue of morality. Whatever... more
Most hospitals fall well short of their cost reduction targets, in part because the ability of chief financial officers to meaningfully impact how... more
Among a variety of high risk, high reward investments for health systems, robotic surgery is emerging as a technology with lots of promise as well as... more
While a few states are moving toward more healthcare price transparency, none have gone as far as Massachusetts to make the information accessible to... more
Seismic changes altering the healthcare industry are creating an increasing number of compliance requirements for hospitals and health systems to... more
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center is exporting its knowledge and management services around the world, to countries like China and... more
Many Medicare beneficiaries treated at primarily rural "critical access" hospitals end up paying between two and six times more for... more
This week the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services expanded the agency's Five Star Quality Rating System for Nursing Homes, and proposed... more
The "consumerization" of healthcare is helping to shape trends in healthcare real estate by contributing to significantly less hospital... more
The emergence of digital and retail health is a clarion call for hospitals and medical practices to innovate and improve the patient experience.... more
The ability to speak before any audience, to make that audience understand complex financial topics, and to win them over to your expertise and... more
The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case brought by Idaho providers over an issue that has split many lower courts: whether Medicaid... more
When a healthcare provider's data resides on someone else's servers, plenty can go wrong. And HIPAA isn't necessarily the worst of it... more
Are hospitals exploiting the 340B drug discount program? Critics of the federal government's program have some new evidence in the debate over... more
Rural health providers may feel burdened by a confluence of policy and financing trends. But one opportunity, depending on the state, can help with... more
Savvy financial officers at senior living facilities know that the key to the future of their business is care coordination. Trouble is, financial... more
September's jobs report shows improvements in the country's employment situation, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday morning.... more
Medicare is fining a record number of hospitals -- 2,610 -- for having too many patients return within a month for additional treatments, federal... more
The country's medical colleges saw an increase in fundraising last year. They also saw an increase in fundraising costs. more
A new report by the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association paints a grim picture of the daunting financial challenges facing hospitals and... more
Healthcare has had a reputation for being one of the strongest industries for generating new jobs. more
With the job market showing improvement, it might be time to re-evaluate if you are keeping your best employees happy. more
As payment moves to value-based models, many have hopes that telemedicine will play a role in delivering care at lower cost. more

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