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As a result of the push towards accountable care, increased patient census no longer translates to higher revenue for hospitals. Unless costs are managed internally, higher patient volume may instead lead to narrower margins, if not outright red ink. more
Michigan-based Metro Health has been able to set itself apart from other community hospital systems in part by its ability to access and leverage... more
Hospitals may have less control over readmissions than clinicians, administrators or federal regulators would like to believe, new research suggests... more
Hospitals are dependent on donations to help offset huge operating expenses. And in this turbulent time of rising costs and shrinking reimbursements... more
To quickly make the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care, accountable care organizations must figure out where to invest and take cues... more
With new reporting requirements from the Affordable Care Act and increasing scrutiny of community benefits programs, executives of hospitals are... more
Earnings are down but in line with forecasting, and opportunities for future growth leave executives optimistic. more
Our weekly look at career moves in the healthcare finance sector. This issue highlights promotions, hires and fires for the week ending April 18,... more
To get ready to participate in integrated care funded by bundled payments, behavioral health providers need to establish a new business model, with... more
After years in the shadows, operations applications are about to step into the spotlight as hospital administrators shift their focus away from... more
The newly available data on Medicare physician reimbursement may bolster would-be whistle-blowers, but health systems and medical practices can get... more
As lawmakers try to understand the ultimate causes of the recent slowdown in healthcare spending growth, their determinations will eventually... more
The Affordable Care Act has created some new realities for hospitals when it comes to billing and collecting from patients. Hospitals are adjusting... more
The growing ranks of adults helping their aging and ill parents, relatives and friends is a business opportunity that health insurer Highmark is not... more
Boston's Tufts Medical Center and Lowell General Hospital in Lowell, Mass. announced Monday that they are creating a new health system. more
Providers of Medicare Advantage and Part D plans: look out. Dozens of plans may soon be terminated. more
New entrants in the healthcare market could snatch billions of dollars of revenue from traditional healthcare companies if the traditional companies... more
Our weekly look at career moves in the healthcare finance sector. This issue highlights promotions, hires and fires for the week ending April 11,... more
The woman who became the face of the health law's troubled rollout last October is resigning her position as head of the country's Health... more
With the purchase of Ranbaxy and if it can overcome Ranbaxy's troubles, Sun Pharma will find itself in a global leadership position with huge... more
Engagement is a big buzzword in healthcare these days. Every program seeks to achieve it; every provider wants to enhance it. But what is engagement... more
Medicare's release Wednesday of millions of records of payments made to the nation's doctors comes as the government is looking to find... more
By releasing to the public a data set revealing what Medicare pays individual doctors, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services says the... more
Insurers offering Medicare Advantage plans got a bit of a reprieve this week when the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services gave them a rate... more
A mentoring program can help to keep employees engaged and loyal, hold down costs of recruiting and on-boarding and helps to create the next... more
Catholic Health Initiatives' long-term transformation strategy has a bit of the expected -- IT investment -- and the unexpected -- the creation... more
Traditional continuing care retirement communities are looking for business opportunities to expand into home care. One option is a Continuing Care... more
When MedPAC recommended to Congress in March that readmission penalties similar to those imposed on hospitals be applied to home healthcare... more
Our weekly look at career moves in the healthcare finance sector. This issue highlights promotions, hires and fires for the week ending April 4, 2014. more
Spring has brought good news to the nation's jobs market -- and a return of jobs growth in the healthcare sector. more
Most hospital administrators choose to implement vendor management systems to keep track of who is in the facility, what they are doing in the... more
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is a highly regarded teaching hospital in Boston, but in 2012, the hospital found out it had one of the highest... more
When it comes to using business intelligence tools, most medical practices have yet to graduate kindergarten. But a closer look at these BI systems... more
With the shortage of skilled workers in the healthcare industry, many healthcare organizations find themselves putting up with some toxic employees.... more
In an effort to boost its integration and retail strategy, Humana is bringing on a veteran investment banker who has worked on some of healthcare... more
The decision by lawmakers to delay implementation of ICD-10 by a year will give hospitals extra time to get ready for the transition, but will have a... more
Health insurers offering Medicare Advantage plans may soon be feeling the effects of a court case in Connecticut. more
Monday evening, the U.S. Senate managed to create an uproar in the healthcare community by passing a bill patching Medicare's pay rate for... more
Healthcare providers are good at collecting data, but are they using it to make good clinical and financial decisions? more
With Medicare's "two midnight rule" set to take effect later this year and audit appeals facing lengthy backlogs, the Recovery Audit... more
Last week, Consumer Reports released new safety scores for 2,591 U.S. hospitals. The magazine is just one of a number of organizations that rates... more
The House of Representatives passed a bill yesterday to forestall scheduled cuts to Medicare physician payments through April 1, 2015, to delay the... more
In a recent report, MedPAC identified the common traits of the nation's poorly-performing hospitals. These are traits that have a big impact on... more
Our weekly look at career moves in the healthcare finance sector. This issue highlights promotions, hires and fires for the week ending March 28,... more
All but five states received a failing grade this year on the way they provide healthcare price transparency, according to a report by Catalyst for... more
The relationship between payers and providers has often been adversarial, but healthcare reform has been changing that -- which leaves the former... more
With a new study showing both inpatient reductions and specialty care increases linked to high-risk medical home patients, health systems have more... more
Having IT is a necessity for hospitals, but for many, having an IT team to support that technology is a luxury. Here are some tips from experts on... more
Healthcare Finance News talked to Donald Berwick, MD, about the importance of shifting mindsets and business models to embrace the morality of caring... more
When it comes to patient collections at small, community hospitals, the process can be much the same as at larger hospitals around the country, with... more
Entrepreneurial doctors looking for an alternative to hospital employment and solo practice and seeking increased business opportunities are turning... more

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